Library and Documentation
The ISAM library was established in 1984 with the purpose of collecting the publications necessary to prepare the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam under one roof and, also of making them available to all interested researchers.  1 ...

Research Department
One of the three main units making up ISAM, the Research Department operates under the supervision of the Research Board whose members are elected by the Executive Board.  1 ...

TDV Encyclopedia of Islam
A valuable reference for us and the world.A to Z all entries related to the Islamic sciences as well as Islamic culture and civilization. Distinguished personalities trained in the Muslim world in science, politics, art, and literature. Significant works that have made lasting contributions to scientific and cultural life in the Islamic societies. From Morocco to Indonesia, all Islamic countries and major cities. Observing Islam and Muslim minorities in various countries, ranging from America to Russia and from England to Australia.  1 ...



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