Osman G. Özgüdenli

Seljukians, who entered Khorasan passing through Amu Darya River as a small nomadic group in 1035, established a strong state in Persian territories after they defeated Ghaznavids in 1040. This state soon turned into an enormous empire by conquering vast territories from the fronts of Istanbul in west to the borders of China in east, and from the Aral Sea and Caucasus in north to the Red Sea and Egypt in south. Seljukians, apart from the significant political events of its era, played an important role in reshaping ethnic, religious and cultural structure of Near East. This work, based on main sources of the era and modern researches, presents the rise, the growth and the decline of the Great Seljuk Empire to readers.

İstanbul - Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications, 2013; (8th ed.) 2022

ISBN / Page:

978-975-389-924-6 (vol. 1.), 367 page


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