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General Information
  •  44 + 2 Supplementary Volumes
  •  An original work prepared by the participation of nearly 2000 authors,
  •  the first volume of which was published in 1988, after a 5-year preparation process,
  •  the last supplementary volumes were completed in 2016,
  •  the list of articles comprises the areas like Islamic Sciences; history, geography and culture of Muslim countries and so on,
  •  16.855 articles with subtitles
In its article index, the encyclopedia includes concepts related to Islamic sciences and Islamic culture and civilization, prominent scholars and artists, Islamic states, important historical events, movements that influenced religious and social life; historical, academic and cultural institutions, significant centers of population, other religions and noteworthy non-Muslim persons who were/are somehow related to Islam and Islamic culture and civilization.   
TDV Encyclopedia of Islam aims to be a comprehensive source for those who wish to do research concerning Islamic studies as well as to satisfy the public’s need of obtaining true information.
The main principle that has been applied during the writing process of the encyclopedia is that all the articles are based on reliable sources and contain true information. In addition to this, both the academic expectations of the researchers and the needs of the common readers with different cultural backgrounds are taken into consideration.    
Rich Content
  •  From A to Z, all the terms related to Islamic culture and civilization, and Islamic sciences…
  •  Distinguished figures of Islamic world in science, politics, art and literature…
  •  Works that enriched our educational and cultural life…
  •  Islamic sects, orders, movements, schools…
  •  All of the Islamic countries from Morocco to Indonesia and important cities…
  •  Muslim groups from America to Russia, from Britain to Australia…  
Professional Staff
Around 2000 authors from Turkey and various countries have contributed to the encyclopedia.     
Published Volumes
The first volume of the encyclopedia, published in 1988, was completed in 12 months; the second in 9 months and the third in 7 months and after that in every six months a volume was published. The encyclopedia was completed with the 44th volume published in December 2013 and also 2 supplementary volumes were published in 2016. 



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