İBN SÎNÂ FELSEFESİNDE METAFİZİK BİLGİNİN İMKÂNI (The Possibility of Metaphysical Knowledge in Ibn Sînâ's Philosophy)






Ibn Sina defines philosophy as "the human grasp of the truth of things in his own capacity." But is it possible to grasp the truth of things? If it is possible, to what can extent people grasp the truth? Altought these questions have been discussed since Kant with an impression that they came to forefront with such a clearity first time in human history, in fact their history extends back to the sophists in the history of philosophy. Same questions have been dealt in depth with precision from the aspects of philosophy, Qalam, and sufism in the Islamic tought and various views emerged around the the limits of human understanding. In this book, what to understand from the aforementioned expression “in his own capacity” within the context of Ibn Sina’s philosophy is examined.



İstanbul - Ankara: ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2010; (3rd ed.) 2021*

ISBN / Page: 978-605-81261-3-8 / 373 p.



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