Dinî Hükümlerin Kaynağı ve Dinî Metinlerin Anlaşılması (Sources of Religious Rules and Understanding of Religious Texts)

ed. Cengiz Kallek

Although the source and interpretation of religious rules have been subjects of intense discussion since the early era of Islam, problems, in particular those of which are due to the modern change in the concept of the terms “human” and “religion”, have raised some questions about the shared opinions and methods regarding the fundamental, permanent and immutable values and concepts of the religious texts. The Turkish debate has focused on the issues of historicity and narrowing the sources with Qur’an. Of these two polemics, which are centered on fiqh and tafseer, historicity has a dimension that includes a partial application of Western interpretative methods like hermeneutics, historicism, constructivism and deconstruction to the foundational sources of Islam. 

Even though these theories have been applied mostly to fiqh and tafseer sources, modern controversies have not in general been related to the Islamic intellectual traditions at the theoretical level. The Islamic intellectual legacy of the interpretation of religious texts has not been able to be implemented in such a way as to establish ground for recent debates. 

In order to contribute to solving this problem, ISAM has organized a workshop that brings together different parties for a multidimensional and thorough analysis of the different views for the historicity and narrowing the religious sources with Qur’an. This book is a collection of the proceedings and discussions presented at the workshop.









Istanbul - Ankara: ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2010; (revised 2. ed.) 2022

ISBN / Page: 975-605-7580-62-7, 589 p.

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