Ulvi Murat KILAVUZ - Ahmet Saim KILAVUZ

         As its starting point, the study of Islamic theology (Kalam) is an activity of defending religious principles. However, over time, it developed in the direction of creating a sound and firm worldview by processing in detail the concepts of God and the universe introduced by the textual sources of Islam. This work, on the one hand, examines the historical course of this process, whose roots go back to the time of the Prophet, through people, views and works, on the other hand, tries to present the unique characteristics and distinctive features of the systematic created in this historical process. Finally, the criticisms directed at this thought activity by different groups such as Salafis, Sufis, Islamic philosophers and contemporary thinkers are analyzed.















Istanbul - Ankara / ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2010; (8th ed.) 2023

ISBN, Page: 978-975-389-923-9, 209  p. 

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