SİNAN bin Abdülmennan, Bir Dünya Mimarının Hayat Hikayesi, Eserleri ve Ötesi

(SİNAN b. Abdülmennan The life story of a world achitect, his work and its reprecussions) 

Selçuk Mülayim 

         Dealing with a topic that has been written about many times, this book focuses on Ottoman architecture from the aspect of Sinan’s personality.
         Here we also find out the story that of the great architect Koca Sinan comes not only from the pages of books, but even more, from stones of his buildings that one can touch, thus coming into contact with his spirit.
         The book consists of seven chapters, namely, Sinan’s Sources, He Lived to More Than One Hundred, Sociological Architecture, Conception of Place, The Process of Tectonics, As the World Comes to an End, and A Chronology of Sinan’s Age. The book also includes a bibliography and index.









Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications,
2010; (3rd ed.) 2021

ISBN, Page: 978-625-8023-12-1, 276 p

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