İslam’ın İnanç Esasları (Articles of Faith in Islam)

İlyas Çelebi 

Today, as in history, religion is one of the common values of humanity. In different periods of history, the pressures to create a faithless society could not remove the religious feeling from the hearts, and when such pressures ended, people did not hesitate to express the religious feelings that they hid inside.

Having accurate and sound knowledge about religion, which is an extremely important institution, is a requirement of being both a human and a Muslim. The principles of creed form the general framework of religion and reveal its main rules. The creedal principles of Islam also consist of six items formulated in the “Amantu”. This work tries to interpret and introduce arguments about the six principles mentioned above.











Istanbul - Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications, 2009; (9th ed.) 2022

ISBN, Page:
978-975-389-922-2, 222 p

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