Tefsire Giriş

(Introduction to Qur’anic Commentary) 



The Qur’an brings to the fore theological and moral issues in order to create an ideal society; in addition, a number of principles that should be applied by society have been established in the Qur’an.
Having been addressed by the divine message, the responsibility that befalls the human being is to try to advance in the direction of the Qur’an in order to understand it properly. As we know, the academic approach to understanding the Qur’an is known as tafseer or commentary. This work, entitled Introduction to Qur’anic Commentary, examines both individual activites in this field from the beginning, as well as providing knowledge about how the Qur’an can be understood today.


2018, 174 pgs. 
ISBN 978-975-389-990-1 


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