Kuruluş Dönemi Osmanlı Sultanları

(The Ottoman Sultans of the Formative Period)  


The Ottomans were the builders of one of the longest living and most effective political institutions in world history and established a state spread over a wide geography.
This book sheds light on the history of the Ottoman State, ruled by the Ottoman dynasty; we look on this history via the biographies of seven of the sultans who ruled during the formative period. Morover, the military and political aspects of this formative period are brought to the fore.
The author, the leading living authority in the field of Ottoman history, has not only examined and evaluated Western and Eastern documents, both Byzantine and Ottoman sources, such as cronicles and waqfiyyah deeds, but has also provided support for his ideas with toponimical- topographical and archeological field studies.

The work was translated into Bosnian by Cenan Hasiç (Dženan HASIĆ) under the name OSMANSKI SULTAN: Period Uspostave Osmankkog Carstva and published in 2022 by El-Kelimeh Publishing in Novi Pazar, Serbia.




















Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications, 2010; (11th ed.) 2022
ISBN, Page: 978-975-389-899-7, 291 p


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