İlâhiyat Fakülteleri Tezler Kataloğu II (2001-2007)

(Catalogue of Theses of the Divinity Faculties II [2001-2007]) 

Mustafa Birol ÜLKER


This is the second volume of the Catalogue I (Catalogue of Theses of the Divinity Faculties I [1953-2000]) and it covers between the years of 2001 - 2007.
Part Three focuses on the transformation of the occultation idea into a complete faith in the hands of the Imamites. Herein, firstly the books written on occultation are investigated, then, Muhammad al-Mahdi’s occultation is dealt with. Issues such as the nature, causes and duration of occultation, its theological foundations and the messianism developed around the twelfth imam are elaborated. The main issues and concepts, such as twelve imams, Imamiyya, and Ithna ‘ashariyya, of the Twelver Shiism are also dealt with. Finally, some evaluations are made on the effect of this belief in the Shiite ideology and on the last doctrinal stage to which the Imami Shiites have reached.
2008, 480 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-560-6
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