Çağdaş Din Felsefesinde Epistemolojik Yaklaşımlar ve Tanrı İnancının Rasyonelliği

(Epistemological Approaches in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion and the Rationality of Belief in God)



       In contemporary philosophy of religion, the problem of rationality of belief in God is debated under the title, ‘epistemology of religion’. The epistemology of religion, which generally claims that religious beliefs have the same epistemological status with the other kinds of beliefs, is regarded as a field in which religious beliefs can be discussed rationally rather than trying to prove directly – since it fits the spirit of philosophy of religion - that religious beliefs are rational. This work, on the one hand can be considered as an introduction to the field of the epistemology of religion, and on the other it not only discusses the nature of rationality but also tries to answer the question of whether belief in God is rational or not..
2014, 191 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-4829-11-8
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