İbn Sînâ

Ömer Mahir Alper

Avicenna (Ibn Sinā) who is one of the unique figures in history of philosophy and sciences, created deep influences by his ideas on both Muslim and Western world for centuries. This great philosopher who represents “the golden age” of Islamic philosophy directed not only philosophy but also other Islamic fields such as theology and Sufi thought throughout Islamic history. Without a doubt, proper understanding Islamic intellectual tradition goes through grasping its perfect and fully detailed philosophical system that penetrates that tradition. In this book that studies Avicenna’s life, works, philosophy, and the influences of his philosophy in both Muslim and Western world, his system of thinking is presented in a concise, holistic, and understandable fashion 












İstanbul - Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications, 2008; (8th ed.) 2022
ISBN 978-975-389-989-5

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