İslâm ve Modernleşme

(Islam and Modernization)

(May 10-11, 1997, Istanbul)
II. International Symposium Commemorating the Birth of Prophet Muhammad


• Modernity as a Problem / Dr. Tahsin Gorgun
• I
slam and Modernization with Respect to Morals and Aesthetics / Prof. Dr. Ahmet Inam
• C
ritique of Modernism by the Traditional School and its Reflections in the Islamic Thought / Dr. Adnan Aslan
Modernism and Secularism / Dr. Nuray Mert
• Modernization and the Understanding of Haram / Prof. Dr. Suleyman Ates
The Necessity for a Critical Review of Our Cultural Resources / Prof. Dr. Mehmet S. Hatiboglu
• Islamic Law in the Process of Modernization / Prof. Dr. Hamza Aktan
Reasons for the Decline in Islamic Civilization and Preconditions for a New Leap Forward / Dr. Huseyin Atay
Establishment of a Political Culture and its Legitimacy from the Viewpoint of Modernization / Assoc. Prof. Dr Ahmet Davudoglu
Religion and Social Sciences in Turkey / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Koktas
Keeping the Naqshbandiyyah Alive in the Modern West / Dr. Tayfun Atay
• Affects of Modernism on the Alevi Community / Dr. Ilyas Uzum
Changes in the Traditional Religious Thought during the Early Period of Modernization in Turkey / Prof. Dr. Orhan Okay
Our Problem with Modernization and Tradition / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgut Cansever
Modernization in Turkish-Islamic Art or Rejecting the Heritage / Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zeki Kusoglu
Islamization of Modern Music / Cinucen Tanrikorur

1997, 366 pgs.
ISBN 975-389-329-9




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