İslâm, Gelenek ve Yenileşme

(Islam, Tradition, and Change)

(April 22-23, 1996, Istanbul)
I. International Symposium Commemorating the Birth of Prophet Muhammad


Tradition and Change during the Asr al-Saadat / Prof. Dr. Mustafa Fayda
Tradition and Change in Islamic Jurisprudence / Prof. Dr. Hayreddin Karaman
Introduction of Greek Thought into the Muslim World and the Resulting New Trends in Islamic Thought / Prof. Dr. Bekir Karliga
An Evaluation of the Hadith Regarding the Cyclical Reformer (Tecdid Hadisi) from the Viewpoint of Tradition and Change / Dr. Mustafa Erturk
Sufism from the Viewpoint of Tradition and Change / Prof. Dr. Suleyman Uludag
Introduction of New Approaches in Islam and the Science of Theology / Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sevki Yavuz
Arguments for Change and Understanding of the Tradition in Islamic Philosophy before the 11th Century / Dr. Harun Anay
Methodology in History and its Importance in the Process of Reexamination of the Tradition / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davudoglu
Two Vague Concepts of Recent Times: Reform (Islah) ve Imitation (Taklid) / Dr. Ismail Kara
Process of Transformation in the Ottoman Bureaucratic Tradition: Reasons that Made the Change Imperative / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Akyildiz
Future of Islamic Thought in Turkey and the Tradition of Islamic Thought / Dr. Tahsin Gorgun
Tradition and Change from the Viewpoint of Islamic Art / Besir Ayvazoglu
How Shall We Set the Common Standards? / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgut Cansever
The Main Enemy of Tradition is its Becoming Static / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Sezgin
What is Tradition? / Dr. Adnan Aslan
Which Tradition? / Mustafa Armagan
Change in Religious Thought and the Revolution in Iran / Prof. Dr. Hamic Algar
The Islamic Worldview: An Outline / Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Islam and Westernization / Prof. Dr. Hassan Hanafi
Islam in Andalucia since the Fall of Granada until the end of the 19th Century / Prof. Dr. M. Ali Kettani
In the Practice of Religion, What Part Comes from Tradition and What Part Comes from Religion? / Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tahrali
Islamic Civilization Facing the Philosophical Foundations of Change / Prof. Dr. Alparslan Acikgenc
Religion Makes a Human Being Free and Independent / Prof. Dr. Teoman Durali

1996, 294 pgs.
ISBN 975-389-237-3




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