ISAM Bulletin

“The ISAM Bulletin is published once in a year in Turkish, English, Arabic distributed free of charge to announce the activities of the encyclopedia, the library, and the research departments. It contains information about the latest developments and upcoming scholarly activities at ISAM, such as the seminars, conferences, symposiums, and the available scholarships.”

ISAM Bulletin No: 47 January - December 2020
ISAM Bulletin No: 46 January - December 2019
ISAM Bulletin No: 45 January - December 2018
ISAM Bulletin No: 44 January - December 2017
ISAM Bulletin No: 43 January - December 2016
ISAM Bulletin No: 42 January - December 2015
ISAM Bulletin No: 41 January - December 2014
ISAM Bulletin No: 40 January - December 2013
ISAM Bulletin No: 39 January - December 2012


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