Starting in 2004, researchers at ISAM have organized regular Fall and Spring seminars, each lasting for nearly eight weeks. The central objective of the research staff via these seminars is to share their knowledge and experience with young researchers on a wide range of topics varying from Islamic culture and history to Western thought, and also to familiarize them with the opportunities provided by ISAM. These seminars complement the masters and PhD level programs in their respective fields with respect to their main themes and approaches. ISAM wants to improve these seminars, both through attracting new participants from the outside and through broadening the selection of themes for these seminars.
Besides the regularly scheduled seminars, other seminar series are also arranged upon special requests following from ISAM’s collaboration with various national and international institutions. For example, ISAM researchers have organized seminars for scholars and students from various countries ranging from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Kyrgyzstan. We plan to continue these activities, sometimes based on official government programs, in the future as the conditions permit.



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