Visiting Scholar Program



Application Deadlines


1 September
For the 1st term (Oct. - Jan.)
1 January
For the 2nd term (Feb. - May)
1 May
For the 3rd term (June - Sept.)

Registration Fee
Monthly registration fee is 250 TL. Monthly rent for a room in ISAM’s guest house is 100 TL. Under certain conditions, however, both the registration fee and the rent will be waived.
Amenities and Services Provided


Visiting Scholars are issued an ID card, with which they can utilize all the services provided by the ISAM library.

Free accommodation provided during schollership.

Free lunch


Can those who are about to finish their PhD apply to the Guest Researcher Program? 




The Visiting Scholar Program for post-doctoral researchers is designed to provide a supportive environment for those working on Islamic and social sciences. They are entitled to utilize the library and other research facilities at ISAM. This program is geared toward fostering inter-organizational ties and sharing the rapidly accumulating scientific knowledge. Interested researchers can apply to this program for a period of one to three months. The Visiting Scholar Program is advertised twice a year.
What is expected from the Visiting Scholars?
The Visiting Scholar Program at ISAM starts from the idea of providing a nurturing academic environment for both the guests and the researchers working at ISAM, and productive scholarly exchanges are expected to take place through their participation in seminars, conferences and, also through intense personal discussions. At the end of their proposed stay, the visiting scholars are expected to make a presentation concerning their research projects. Upon approval from both ISAM and the visiting scholars themselves, their manuscripts are published either in the Turkish Journal of Islamic Studies or in one of ISAM’s other publications.



Conditions for Application

Documents required for applying to the Visiting Scholar Program include the following:
Every research field within the scope of ISAM.
Every schollar finished his/her PhD.
Aplication form with a CV
Two letters of recommendation
After completing the required documents, please send them to our mailing address:
ISAM Misafir Arastirmaci Programi
Icadiye Baglarbasi Caddesi, No: 40
Uskudar, 34662 Istanbul
Or e-mail them to us:



Can retired faculty members be given as references?



What criteria are being employed when ISAM evaluates the applications?
Final decisions are based on evaluations regarding the research opportunities at the university or the organization the applicant comes from, the subject of the proposed project, the area of expertise, the publications, and the recommendations provided by the applicant.
What is considered as the most important element in a recommendation letter?
All the information the person writing the recommendation letter can provide regarding their common scientific experience (e.g., the applicant took a class with him/her, shared projects, etc.) and the degree of success the applicant achieved in that experience are very important. Because this information would help to document the applicant’s depth of knowledge and experience as well as his/her capacity for hard work in an objective manner.



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