Plans and Projects


Faced with continuously increasing demand from abroad, ISAM made plans for having the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam translated into several languages, starting with English and Arabic. Due to sizable variations that exist among different alphabets and systems of transcription, however, most of the articles need to be prepared for publication before considering such a major undertaking. The process of translating the entire encyclopedia will also require a considerably large scale organizational effort. Therefore, the translation project will be launched after ISAM completes its publication.

Projected Encyclopedias

Following the publication of the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam, ISAM plans to publish its revised editions and also some other types of encyclopedias. Preparations are made for an abridged version of the encyclopedia; for specialized encyclopedias consisting of the core entries related to Islamic arts and sciences; and encyclopedias that contain religious references useful in daily life as well as those that concentrate on general cultural issues.



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