Is it possible to ask the academics at ISAM for a fatwa, or an independent legal opinion?
The main organizations that are responsible for answering questions related to religion are the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Office of the Jurisconsult of Istanbul (Istanbul Muftulugu). One can contact the Presidency of Religious Affairs by sending an e-mail to dinisorular@diyanet.gov.tr and the Istanbul Muftulugu by calling the Fatwa Line at (0212) 512-2320 (extensions: 123 and 132 regarding fatwa for men; 128 and 148 regarding fatwa for women).
Is ISAM a part of the Presidency of Religious Affairs?
ISAM provides services in cooperation with Presidency of Religious Affairs and it is a subsidiary of Turkish Religious Foundation, which operates under the Waqf Law like all other waqfs (religious foundations) in the Republic of Turkey.
Is ISAM a public organization? Does it have a connection to the Board of Higher Education (YOK)?
ISAM is not a public organization and does not have any relationship to the Board of Higher Education.
Where does ISAM derive its funds from?
The main source of income for ISAM is the Turkish Religious Foundation.
Is ISAM a for-profit Organization?
ISAM is a non-profit organization.
Does ISAM have a branch? If not, are there plans for establishing a branch of ISAM?
No, organizations carrying the name Islam Arastirmalari Merkezi (Center for Islamic Studies), or its acronym ISAM or similar names are not related to ISAM. There are no plans for opening a branch of ISAM.
Which fields of specialization are normally preferred by ISAM?
Depending on the needs of the country in general and ISAM’s main areas of interest in particular, research staff and specialists in social and religious sciences are recruited from time to time. All hiring practices must comply with the terms of the ISAM Regulations (Calisma Talimati) and the TDV Deed of Foundation (Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi Senedi).
Are there plans for enlarging the research staff?
When the need arises, if those selected among the recipients of ISAM scholarship for doctoral studies agree, they can be hired as research associates or specialists.
How can one get information about the activities of ISAM?
One can either request to be put on ISAM’s mailing list or check the ISAM website for a calendar of activities.
Are there any educational programs organized by ISAM?
ISAM does not organize any educational programs, it only organizes seminars in areas of interest to ISAM. These seminars are only open to graduate students.
Where can one get ISAM’s publications?
They can be purchased from the sales offices of the TDV Yayin Matbaacilik ve Ticaret Isletmeleri, or the TDV Publishing, Printing, and Commercial Corporation.
ISAM Library
Why are library users not allowed to check books out of the library?
Only the permanent and the full-time ISAM researchers and the encyclopedia staff are permitted to check out books. Our library materials are not lent to anybody outside these groups of people because at a given time they may be needed for an ISAM related research activity which has priority above all others.
What must a library user do if the books and journal s/he is looking for are not located on the designated shelves?
The user in question should ask library personnel working on the same floor and/or at the reference desk for help.
If the library does not have certain publications, can the library users make a request for their purchase by the library?
Library users who are members of our library can fill out the publication request forms at the reference desk and submit them to the library director or can fill out the on-line version of the forms and send it to the library at HTTP://www.isam.org.tr/iletisim/iletisim_formu. Written requests will be evaluated by the commissions in charge of library acquisitions.
Why are the contents of the books and periodicals in the library not included in the data bases and provided for use via the internet?

This presents a copyright problem and it is technically impossible for ISAM to buy the necessary copyrights to publish all the publications in its library on the internet. Besides these type of services do not have a high priority since they are already provided by various other websites.
Is it possible to obtain printouts from the microfilms and microfiches in the library?
Yes, positive and negative versions of the microfilm and microfiche records are available and, also they can be copied onto a CD.
Is it possible to make photocopies of the materials located in the document folders?
Yes, library users can get photocopies of the materials in the document folders with prior permission from the staff members in the designated service desk. When the photocopy center is busy, one can make an appointment for photocopying at a later time.
Is it possible for a library user to convey any suggestions about the library personnel?
Our organization will be grateful for any written wishes and/or suggestions about the personnel because this will help us to improve our human resource base and to provide better service to the library users. One can either drop the suggestions into the marked boxes located throughout the library or send them in an e-mail to isam@isam.org.tr or to kutuphane@isam.org.tr.
Can the library users enter the building where the offices of the research staff are located?
The library users can enter the building on the condition that they already have made an appointment with the person they want to see. If needed, the staff at the information desk can provide further assistance.
Is it possible to request help from the staff in the information processing unit for special tasks or projects?
No, because of their heavy workload, the staff members at the information processing office are responsible only for ISAM’s own projects.
Who is eligible to stay at the Guest House at ISAM?
Academicians who live outside Istanbul and work part-time at the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam, visiting scholars, researchers who have the right to use the library services, and guests of the organization are all eligible to stay at the guest house.
Where does one apply to request a room in the Guest House?
One needs to communicate with the Director of Personnel.
Visiting Scholar Program
Can those who are about to finish their PhD apply to the Guest Researcher Program?

Can retired faculty members be given as references?
What criteria are being employed when ISAM evaluates the applications?
Final decisions are based on evaluations regarding the research opportunities at the university or the organization the applicant comes from, the subject of the proposed project, the area of expertise, the publications, and the recommendations provided by the applicant.
What is considered as the most important element in a recommendation letter?
All the information the person writing the recommendation letter can provide regarding their common scientific experience (e.g., the applicant took a class with him/her, shared projects, etc.) and the degree of success the applicant achieved in that experience are very important. Because this information would help to document the applicant’s depth of knowledge and experience as well as his/her capacity for hard work in an objective manner.



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