Personal information the visitors submit when they fill out the necessary forms at ISAM (such as their names, e-mail addresses, home or business addresses, and telephone numbers) will not sold or rented to a third party and will not permitted to be used for any other reason.
ISAM will use this information to do the following:
·                                            Send you messages and publications,
·                                            E-mail you ISAM bulletins or other information,
·                                            Invite you to join our activities,
·                                            Evaluate your application for work or scholarship,
·                                            Provide you with the academic services you request.
Only designated personnel and ISAM staff, who have sworn to secrecy, can access the personal information provided by visitors to ISAM. ISAM uses statistical data (geographic data, age, sex, etc.), without revealing the personal identities associated with it, in order to improve its website and to gather better information about the individuals who benefit from the services ISAM provides. This information is also kept strictly confidential.
ISAM cannot guarantee that other websites that can be reached via the links in this website observe the terms of the ISAM’s privacy policy. It is, therefore, recommended that you evaluate the sites you plan to visit with respect to their approach to confidentiality before revealing any personal information to them.



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