A NEW BOOK published as part of the Project of the Late Classical Period!

Şerhu Ukūdi resmi’l-müftî
(Sharh Uqūdi Rasm al-Mufti)

Ibn Ābidīn (d. 1252/1836)

critically ed. by Şenol Saylan


Sharh Uqūdi Rasm al-Mufti is an important work that systematically examines the principles regulating the process of preference and issuing fatwas carried out as an intra-school activity. Written by Ibn Ābidīn, one of the leading and well-known Hanafi jurists of the late period, the work is the most comprehensive and well-known of the independent works written in the field of “the manners and procedures of issuing fatwas” or “rasm al-mufti” in particular for the Hanafi school. Despite its reputation and importance, the work, which has not been the subject of an academic publication based on its manuscripts until now, has been prepared for publication in accordance with general scholarly criteria and principles adopted by ISAM for the Publication of Critically Edited Works (İSAM Tahkikli Neşir Esasları - ITNES). The notes containing explanatory, corrective and additional information existing in the marginal notes/commentaries written by scholars of Indo-Pakistani origin on the work were also taken into account in this critically edited book, published by TDV Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM) within the scope of the Project of Late Classical Period.




Ankara – Istanbul: ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2021

ISBN / Pages:

Softcover version: 978-625-7581-04-2 / 61, 235 p.
Prestige version: 978-625-7581-03-5 / 61, 235 p.

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