ISAM’s Logo and Corporate Identity Has Been Renewed


ISAM with its more than thirty-year-old history has been one of the prominent organizations in Turkey with the projects, the programs, and the publications it made in the field of Islamic studies since the day it was established. ISAM, which has become an example for many different institutions by the standards it sets for its own projects and publications, had started to renew its logo and corporate identity in 2019 after the completion (2014) of the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam by considering the restructuring efforts carried out in coordination with the Central Office of Türkiye Diyanet Foundation.

During the process of renewing the corporate identity, which includes logo, corporate colors and corporate font typology, sample studies were requested from different expert designers, and the incoming works were evaluated by a selection committee appointed by the ISAM Board of Directors and by taking expert opinions. Considering the future vision of ISAM, a logo design that focuses on the brand value of “ISAM” has been found successful and with the approval of the TDV Board of Trustees, it has been decided to be used from the beginning of 2021.

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