Expanded and Revised Book from Reference Work Series!

İSAM Tahkikli Neşir Kılavuzu 

(İSAM’s Guide for Critical-Edition)

ed. Okan Kadir Yılmaz

Türkiye Diyanet Foundation Centre for Islamic Studies introduced Late Classical Period Project and Early Classical Period Project, focusing on to uncover scholarly and intellectual accumulation of Islamic civilisation’s mutaʾakhkhirīn and mutaqaddimīn eras (7-13./13-19 centuries), in 2012 and 2016 respectively. One of the foundational objectives of the both projects is to publish critically edited versions of unrevealed, untouched manuscripts that had been written in above-mentioned eras.


Ankara: ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2020

ISBN / pgs.

978-975-389-970-3 / 200 pgs.



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