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Osmanlı Hukuku: Devlet-i Aliyye’nin Temeli (Ottoman Law: The Foundation of the Ottoman State)

M. Âkif Aydın


Great military victories and vast territories can be conquered by the strength of the armies. However, the strength of armies alone is not capable of keeping the people living on these lands under the roof of a state for many years. It is necessary to establish a state and legal order that will keep these people together and have the desire to live together. Those who founded and expanded the Ottoman Empire achieved this goal. They have created a strong state structure, a just legal order and a social structure that supported the desire to live together. 

This book aims to shed light upon the legal and judicial aspects of this multi-faceted structure. The general structure of Ottoman law, the effect of the state and administrative tradition, which our nation had introduced and developed over the centuries, on the law of the Ottoman period, kanunnames and their place and function in the Ottoman law as well as the richness of interpretation brought by the Ottomans to the implementation of Islamic law, the role played by the political and scholarly authorities in the formation of this richness, the problems encountered in practice and their solutions, the structure and functioning of the courts, the legal instruments used in the functioning of the courts, fatwas and muftis, the official understanding of Islamic legal schools and the evolution of this understanding through the Ottoman legal history a long with the evolution of Islamic law, which is a case law, towards transforming into a code law tried to be dealt with and processed within the limits of a single volume book.



Ankara: ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2020

ISBN / pgs.

978-625-7205-99-3 / 436 pgs.

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