From Antiquity to the 21st Century History of Istanbul Published Digitally in Turkish and English

From Antiquity to the 21st Century History of Istanbul was published in 2015 with the cooperation of TDV Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM) and Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul (IBB) KÜLTÜR A.Ş. (Istanbul Culture Co.). and its test version has been digitally published in Turkish and English at 

Starting at the end of 2012, within this project 363 thematic articles were written by 270 scholars regarding the different aspects such as topography, architecture, religious and social life, administration, economy. The Turkish version of the work was published in 2015. Consisting of ten volumes the work included 4000 different visual materials from maps, etchings, paintings to photos, miniatures and archival documents. The printed Turkish version of the work was launched on 18th June of 2016 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. English translation of the work was completed in 2019 and was delivered to Kültür A.Ş.


In History of Istanbul it is aimed to provide a summary of the scholarly work on Istanbul and investigate the notion of “city” since its first settlement in antiquity to today centering on its place within the world cities. It is also aimed for this work to answer the questions of the general reader and to be a sourcebook for students. It has a flowing, comprehensive and robust style considering the Istanbul courses nationwide and worldwide. 


History of Istanbul covers all the historical eras of the city. Because of this, it is the most voluminous work in its subject. A thematic conception was administered in this ten-volume work. Every subject under different themes was written as a separate article. Some topics were added as through apostil articles to the main articles. In this book, two new work about History of Istanbul is also presented: Chronology of Istanbul and Bibliography of Istanbul.


The test version of the History of Istanbul’s printed Turkish version and unprinted English translation has been prepared in 2020 and published on the website for scholars, students and the general reader to benefit from. During the preparation of the website, the content was partially reviewed and updated. Thousands of original visual material were uploaded in high definition to the website.


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Content details of History of Istanbul


  1. Imperial Transformations
  2. Istanbul in A World Scale
  3. Topography and Settlement
  4. Politics and Administration
  5. Demography
  6. Society
  7. Religion
  8. Economy
  9. Transportation and Communication
  10. Literature-Arts and Culture
  11. Architecture
  12. Education-Science and Technology
  13. Istanbul in Memories








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