Tesdîdü’l-kavâid fî şerhi Tecrîdi’l-akāid, Hâşiyetü’t-Tecrîd, Cürcânî’nin minhüvâtı ve başka haşiye notlarıyla birlikte,

(Tasdīd al-Qawā‘id fī sharḥ Tajrīd al-Aqā’id, Ḥāshiyat al-Tajrīd, Jurjānī’s own commentary together with other notes)
Mahmud ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Isfahani (d.749/1349) – al-Sayyed Sharīf al-Jurjānī (d. 816/1413)
critical ed. Eşref Altaş, Muhammet Ali Koca, Salih Günaydın, Muhammed Yetim


Used as a textbook in Ottoman madrasas, al-Sayyid al-Sharīf al-Jurjānī’s Ḥāshiyat al-Tajrīd has been published in three volumes featuring a volume of dirāsah/analysis about Tajrīd literature both in Turkish and Arabic, and two volumes of critical edition in Arabic.

In this critical edition,

a)       Naser al-Din al-Tusi’s (d. 672/1274) book about philosophical kalam Tajrid al-Aqaid,

b)      Ash‘ari kalam scholar and shafi‘I faqīh Abd al-Rahman al-Isfahani’s (d.749/1349) commentary on the above mentioned work named Tasdid al-Kawa‘id.

c)       Hanafi-Ash‘ari scholar al-Sayyed al-Sharif al-Jurjani’s (d. 816/1413) hashiya on the above mentioned commentary.

d)      Some notes on the latter hashiya of himself and some Ottoman scholars are also included.

This work was critically edited by Eşref Altaş, Muhammet Ali Koca, Salih Günaydın, and Muhammed Yetim and of the critical edition prepared in three volumes (I. volume: review, II. And III. Volumes: Arabic text) which have been published within the scope of ISAM Late Classical Period Project.

Tajrid al-Aqaid which as a classical kalam book effected the works after it and creates a tradition, has a special place for the history of Islamic education with all commantaries, hashiyas and taliks within this tradition. Among the early Tajrid literature the most famous text is al-Isfahani’s Tasdid al-Kawa‘id and among the hashiyas written on the latter book is Jurjani’s. The published work in your hands includes not only one volume of the two well edited Arabic text volumes but also a review volume consists of Arabic and Turkish texts about Tajrid literature. This edition is distinguished with its reader-friendly design which enables to follow four layered text and editor notes.

Publication in three volumes and distribution of it inside Turkey was made by Turkish Diyanet Foundation while the book was published in two volumes in Beirut and its distribution was held by Darulrayaheen Publishing.



































Beirut: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications & Darulrayaheen, 2020; I-II, (2nd ed.) 2021**


ISBN / Page

Paperback version:  

978-625-7069-57-1 (Tk.)

978-625-7069-58-8 (I. volume), 167 + 173 page

978-625-7069-59-5 (II. volume), 432 page

978-625-7069-60-1 (III. volume), 632 page

Prestige Version:

978-625-7069-45-8 (Tk.) 

978-625-7069-46-5 (I. volume), 167 + 173 page

978-625-7069-47-2 (II. volume), 432 page

978-625-7069-48-9 (III. volume), 632 page

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