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Salime Leyla Gürkan

From Abraham to Ezra the History of Israelites

The book problematizes the formatio period of the History of the Israelites (2000-400 B.C.E), from the prophet Abraham to Ezra within the monotheist tradition. The outline of the book and the chronological order based on the narrative of the Jewish sources. However, the information was taken from these sources criticized by the information derived not only from Quran and other Islamic sources but also from archeological findings as well as from the interpretive literature of Tenakh/Old Testament. The book aims to shed light to the History of Israelites which has not been handled in Turkish literature in autonomous works by using various approaches regarding with Old Testament and Quran comparison.


Ankara / ISAM Publications & TDV Publications / 2018; (Reviced 2nd Edition) 2019


ISBN / Pages

978-975-389-804-1 / 264 p.

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