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  Dirāsāt fiqhiyya wa ‘Uṣūliyya
  İbrahim Kâfi Dönmez (ed. Tuncay Başoğlu)

This book is a compilation of three researches prepared by Prof.Dr. İbrahim Kâfi Dönmez upon a request by International Islamic Fiqh Academy under Organization of Islamic Conference (currently known as Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and presented in the annual meetings of the Academy as well as Prof. Dönmez’s some Arabic articles presented in international scholarly meetings organized in various countries in the Arab world. In some of the articles included in this book, which consist of suggestions and evaluations regarding philosophy and methodology of law in general, certain concepts and issues related to subjective law or methodology of law have been dealt with analytically and sometimes comparisons between the approaches found in Islamic and Western law have been made within this framework. In some other articles, the main views of certain Muslim scholars regarding the methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence and public benefit (maqasid) have been examined.

2019, 416 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-7580-12-2 
Ankara: ISAM Publications
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