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Şeyh Bedreddin (d. 820/1417-18), al-Tashīl Sharḥu Laṭāif al-Ishārāt, I-III

critical ed. Dr. Mustafa Bülent Dadaş

Al-Tashīl is a commentary written by Şeyh Bedreddin, who was one of the Muslim jurists of the period of the foundation of Ottoman State and served as kazasker for two years, upon the book titled Laṭāif al-Ishārāt. Şeyh Bedereddin wrote his commentary by benefiting from the prominent books of Hanafi School. In al-Tashīl Şeyh Bedreddin whose name is usually remembered by the rebellion he started against the Ottoman State rather than being a jurist, criticizes the views transmitted from Hanafi imams and the justifications of those views presented by Hanafi jurists. He also questions the consistency among those view. Al-Tashīl is also regarded as a comparative Islamic law book for it consists of the views of other schools of Islamic law.




978-605-7580-67-2 (Set)

978-605-7580-68-9 (Vol. 1)

978-605-7580-69-6 (Vol. 2)

978-605-7580-70-2 (Vol. 3)

Istanbul / ISAM Publications / 2019

Vol. I, 53 + 611 p.

Vol. II, 640 p.

Vol. III, 644 p.

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