Keşfü'l-esrâr ve hetkü'l-estâr (Kashf al-Asrār wa-hatk al-Astār)

Yūsuf b. Hilāl al-Safedī (d. 696/1296)
critical ed. Bahattin Dartma

 This work is a tafsir of the Holy Quran, published for the first time within the scope of Late Classical Period Project, written by VII. (XIII) century doctor, literary man and mufassir and jurist Ebu Barakāt Yūsuf b. Hilāl as-Safedī (d. 696/1296). The work is remarkable from the point that it had been written by an author whose real profession was medicine, who knew old holy book languages Syriac and Hebrew and emphasises the significance of reasoning and opposition of taqlīd. 

Carrying some the features of the classical dirayah tafsirs, Kashf al-asrār is distinguished by analysing the inheritance ayats thoroughly. Because of Safedī’s tendencies and occupation, his work has some unique traits in similar works. Kashf al-asrār has a distinct place among other works by accepting the aql and naql two basic evidence in interpreting the ayats,
claiming Torah and Bible are corrupted at the same time quoting from them, commenting around some unique acceptances of the author about naskh, mutashabih ayats, Hurūf al-Muqathaah and Quranic Sciences.

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Ankara: ISAM Publication & TDV Publications, 2019; (2nd ed.) 2021**

ISBN / Page:
Paperback ed.:
978-625-7672-69-6 (Set)
978-625-7672-70-2 ( Vol. I), 25+571 pgs.
978-625-7672-71-9 ( Vol. II), 596 pgs.
978-625-7672-72-6 ( Vol. III), 632 pgs.
978-625-7672-73-3 ( Vol. IV), 658 pgs.
978-625-7672-74-( Vol. V), 288 pgs.

Prestige ed.:
978-605-7580-25-2 (Set)
978-605-7580-26-9 ( Vol. I), 25+571 pgs.
978-605-7580-28-3 ( Vol. III), 632 pgs.
978-605-7580-29-0 ( Vol. IV), 658 pgs.
978-605-7580-30-6 ( Vol. V), 288 pgs.


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