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Şeyh Bedreddin Bir Osmanlı Fakihi (Sheikh Bedreddin: An Ottoman Jurist)

Mustafa Bülent Dadaş

Şeyh Bedreddin -Bir Osmanlı Fakihi (Sheikh Bedreddin: An Ottoman Jurist) is a book which aims to introduce the jurisprudential views of Sheikh Bedreddin, a jurist from an early Ottoman period who also served as a kazasker for two years, in the light of his book al-Tasḥīl and analyze this book. Al-Tasḥīl is Sheikh Bedreddin’s commentary on his book Latāif al-Ishārāt that he prepared based on the recognized books of Hanafi School. In his book al-Tasḥīl, Sheikh Bedreddin whose name is remembered mostly by the revolt claimed to be initiated by him against the Ottoman State instead of by being a Muslim jurist criticized the views related from Hanafi jurists and the justifications presented by Hanafi jurists regarding those views and questioned the consistency among those views.

2018, 318 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-7580-10-8
İstanbul: İSAM Publications

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