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 Kitāb Taqrīb al-Gharīb

Qāsim ibn Kutluboga (d. 879/1474)
ed. Osman Keskiner

The critical edition of Kitāb Taqrīb al-Gharīb, the book written by famous Hanafi jurist and hadith scholar Ibn Kutluboga on the science of gharīb al-hadith and edited by Assist.Prof. Osman Keskiner has been published by TDV ISAM under the Project of Late Classical Period.
Kitāb Taqrīb al-Gharīb consists of Ibn Kutluboga’s explanations regarding the rare words found in the hadith reports quoted by the famous Hanafi jurist al-Qudurī’s (d. 428/1036) disciple Aqṭā in his commentary on his master’s classical book al-Mukhtaṣar. Without mentioning the related hadith reports, Ibn Kutluboga only explained the rare words existing in that reports. Considering the fact that this would reduce the benefit expected from the book, the texts of the related hadiths quoted as proof in Aqṭā’s Sharḥ Mukhtaṣar al-Qudurī are included in the critical edition of Kitāb Taqrīb al-Gharīb. So this critical edition is aimed to turn the book from being a dictionary of rare books existing in the related hadith reports into a type of treatise of the hadiths employed by 5th/12th century Hanafi scholars of Baghdad as evidence in their jurisprudential discussions.

2018, 52+404 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-81261-9-0

İstanbul: İSAM Publications

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