Catalogue of the Theses Submitted to the Theology Faculties (1953-2015)

Prof.Dr. İsmail E. Erünsal, Mustafa Birol Ülker ve Esra Karayel Muhacir tarafından hazırlanan İlâhiyat Fakülteleri Tezler Kataloğu (1953-2015), Başvuru Eserleri Dizisi’nden Çıktı

This catalogue aims to ease the access to theses in Islamic studies and to prevent the duplications. It consists of bibliographical records of 13,328 theses submitted to the theology faculties between 1953-2015. The catalogue which covered up to the year 2010 in its previous edition has been updated in this edition to include new theses until the year 2015. The theses have been classified in accordance with their fields and departments, and an index has been added to the end of the catalogue.
2017, 1480 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-909-3
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