Catalogue of Endowments of İstanbul Sharia Registers


(prep. by) Bilgin Aydın, İlhami Yurdakul, Ayhan Işık, İsmail Kurt, Esra Yıldız


Endowment deeds (waqfiyyah) are most fundamental sources that would help us to understand the Ottoman civilization and to discover the Ottoman waqf system. They are the deeds of the foundation of endowments showing their regulations and guidelines. Endowment deeds come at the top of the list of the document groups studied most by researchers. However, we do not have collective catalogues for the endowment deeds existing in our archives. Only catalogues that are available to us have been limited to the ones prepared by certain institutions for the endowment deeds within themselves. Even though there are almost 10.000 endowment deeds in Istanbul qadi registers, the researchers cannot easily reach them. “The Catalogue of Endowment Deeds of Istanbul Shar‘iyya Registers” which is published to help the researchers will be a guide for the 600-year long history of Istanbul endowments. 


İstanbul: İSAM Publications 2016, 708 pgs.

ISBN 978-975-3898-53-9
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**This edition of the work is published among the Late Classical Period Project outputs.



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