God in Abu al-Barakāt al-Baghdadī’s Philosophy

Tuna Tunagöz

This book which is the product of Early Classical Period Project focuses on the issue of divinity according to Abu al-Barakāt al- Baghdādī (d. 547/1152) who was a philosopher knowledgeable not only in Islamic and Jewish thought but also in Greek philosophy. Baghdādī brought peripatetic philosophy closer to Islamic theology and Qur’anic perception of God, and in this context he manifested an example of reconciliation between religion and philosophy. In this book, first the life, works, and views of Baghdadi have been examined and then Baghdadi’s thought has been evaluated in detail in the light of the existence, attributes, and names of God.
2017*, 292 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-930-7
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* This edition was published in the framework of the Early Classical Period Project.




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