Heralding the Last Prophet: Bashā’ir al-nubuwwa


Fadıl Ayğan

This book examines the concept of “bashā’ir al-nubuwwa”, that is the prophethood of Muhammad was informed in the earlier divine books. It follows the traces of the debates around this concept in the classical period and examines its historical development. Moreover, the nature of the information provided by the Qur’an about the issue is evaluated along with the question of alteration of the earlier divine texts. This book which examines the concept of bashārah in its historical dimension and within the context of the texts of Old Testament, also expresses the objections of the Jewish and Christian theologians, living not only in Muslim world but also in other religious centers. This book written from a theological perspective makes an important contribution to the literature of ‘bashā’ir al-nubuwwa’.
2017, 573 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-938-3
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