Gülen Organization: Analysis of FETÖ in the process leading to July 15 and Some Proposals


prepared by, M.Ali Büyükkara, Tuncay Başoğlu, Nurullah Ardıç, Kemal Sayar, Metin Karabaşoğlu

Even though Gülen organization is mostly examined from a political and administrative perspective, the issue before us is in fact too deep to be solved only by politics and administrative precautions. Both the problems caused by this organization in understanding and interpreting Islam as well as the general negative effect it created in the society regarding the image of religion are enormous. This book tries to present a correct understanding and analysis of the process leading to July 15, and analyzes Gülen organization from various angles such as its nature, similar organizations in history, the political and social framework of the organization in question, and its way of organizing. This book tries to provide a detailed analysis regarding why and how this organization evolved from a so-called jamaah distinguished by its “hizmet” to the final point it has come, and makes some suggestions about the precautions that needs to be taken not to fall into same mistake again.
2018, 158 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-943-7
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