Linguistic Sciences in Islamic Civilization: History and Problems, (ed.İsmail Güler)

İsmail GÜLER



Because the efforts of understanding and interpreting the Muslims’ Holy book, Qur’an, take place basically at the linguistic level, and because the Qur’an is, above all, believed to be a linguistic and literary miracle, special importance has given to linguistic studies in Islamic civilization. Based on their common ground of religion, Muslim nations have made signifi cant contributions to Arabic linguistic and literary studies since the early days of Islam. After the codification and classification of sciences, linguistic and literary studies have centred mainly around grammar, eloquence and poetry.
Linguistic Sciences in Islamic Civilization consists of introductory articles addressing at the historical process and issues of the field. These articles were written by experts in the fields of glossary, grammar, syntax, eloquence, poetry, prosody, and “vaz’” which can be described as linguistic philosophy of the classical eras.

2015, 567 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-4829-25-5
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