Laws of Noah and Hoahidism




In Judaism, the relationship with God is expressed by the term “testament.” Testament means God’s addressing to people and the man’s response to this addressing. As it is indicated in the Jewish scriptures, God made pact with people several times. Testaments started with the fi rst human being and continued with Noah, Abraham, and Israelites. The testament with Noah is regarded universal because it addressed to all people. In Judaism, Hebrews were the only addressees of the testaments made with Abraham and afterwards.
The provisions laid by God while making a pact with Noah are known as “Laws of Noah.” These provisions, which are not included in the full form in the Torah and presented in different ways in Rabbinic sources, took their final form in the later periods. After the Enlightenment, “Laws of Noah” were presented by some Jewish and Christian scholars as the equivalents of the concepts of “natural law, universalism, religious pluralism” in Judaism. In addition to the current emphasis on universalism in theoretical level, “Laws of Noah” have turned into a social movement called “Noahidism” that has members living in various parts of the world.


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