Sufi orders Turkey: History and Culture


ed. Semih CEYHAN


The phenomenon of “sufi order” which points at an attitude of piety and method peculiar to sufis who guide people to the knowledge of truth has gained prevalence in the minds as an institution organized according to spiritual, moral and social rules inherited from the history of Islamic civilization. From 2nd/8th century until today, sufi orders which have their unique ways of wisdom and spread across the world geography have played important roles in shaping the spirituality and culture of the people from every segment of society. Sufi orders are one of the main elements in formation of history of Islamization of Turkey from past to present and in drawing the meaning of our individual and social lives.
The book designed to be a reference work is the first academic compilation that brings together the scholarly knowledge regarding the history of sufi orders that has reached to a serious level in the form of articles. This study aims to promote various aspects of sufi schools that have left important traces in history of Turkey within the historical and cultural continuity and reveal the progress of sufi orders from past to present. It consists of two main parts.
The framework articles that form the first part of book discuss the concepts of “dervish lodges,” “sufi orders” in general, history and cultural outlook of sufi orders in Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey. The articles of the second part deal with fourteen main sufi orders (Wafaiyya, Qadiriyya, Sa’diyya, Rifaiyya, Akbariyya, Shazaliyya, Baktashiyya, Mawlawiyya, Badawiyya, Nakshibandiyya, Halwatiyya, Bayramiyya, Zayniyya, Jalwatiyya) together with their sub-branches that have become prevalent in Turkey.
2018, 1052 pgs. ; pho.


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**This edition of the work is published among the Late Classical Period Project outputs.



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