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Studies in Usûl al-Fiqh (ed. Tuncay Başoğlu)

İbrahim Kâfi DÖNMEZ


Usûl al-fiqh is a scientific discipline that is pivotal among Islamic sciences and which has been developed by Muslims in order to better understand the main sources of Islam: the Qur’an and Sunnah. It also deals with the philosophical bases and sources of fiqh/ law, and the methods of deriving judgments from these sources.
This work, entitled “Studies in Usûl al-Fiqh”, consists of academic articles by İbrahim Kafi Dönmez, who spent long years on studying the methodology of fiqh; the work gives an overview of the subjects and discussions concerned with the discipline. In this work, Dönmez deals with subjects like the nature and the function of usûl al -fiqh, evidence and source in Islamic law, the theory of judgment, the nature, possibility and binding nature of ijtihad.


2014; (2th ed.) 2018, 534 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-81618-8-7

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