Fakhraddin al-Râzî in the Transformative Period of the Islamic Thought, (ed. Osman Demir-Ömer Türker)


Ed. Ömer TÜRKER - Osman DEMİR


Fakhraddin ar-Razi (b. 606/1210) was both the fi rst and most influential figure of what is called the Late Classical Age. It was during this “age” of Islamic Thought that the works and ideas of the
pre-Ghazali period were reinterpreted and transformed in terms of their thought and content. Razi, writing a multitude of works especially in the fields of kalām and philosophy, identifi ed the characteristics of the universal disciplines, thereby coming to deserve the title ‘al-Imam’ due to his rearrangement of ‘ilm al-kalām. This book, which aims at introducing Fakhraddin ar-Razi’s various aspects, is a compilation full of original articles thoroughly discussing the scientific accumulation of Islamic Studies in Turkey and thereby aiming to be a core resource for interested researchers. The work is composed of four main sections: Razi’s life, his works, his place in the history of Islamic thought and his contributions to this area, and finally the criticisms that he received. All of these sections are examined in the book while taking into consideration both the pre-Razi and post-Razi periods so that his originality, his methodological difference, and the transformation which he started may be underlined.

2018, 714 sayfa,
ISBN 978-605-81261-4-5
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**This edition of the work is published among the Late Classical Period Project outputs.





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