Abdulkādir Geylânî and Qādirîs I


Adalet ÇAKIR


Abdülkadir Geylani ve Kadirilik I
(Abdulkādir Geylânî and Qādirîs) I

Abdulqādir Jilānī is a Sufi master of “wisdom” and “the path” descending down from the Prophet and based on acquiring in his own words “esoteric and exoteric knowledge”. This path spread over a vast area in the Muslim world by realizing it in himself and reflecting it in his life. We can understand his fame as a personality beyond Sufi orders and a Sufi master of the Qādiri path that has come down to our day through an unbroken chain from his following words mentioned in Fatḥ al-Rabbānī: “Get yourself used to silence, wear your clothes of famelessness. Staying away from people should be your only goal. Do not hesitate, enter, if you find a way to enter underground in order to disappear from the gazes. Continue on these habits until your faith flourishes, your belief with certainty stands strong, your wings of truth fledge, the eyes of your heart open, and the foundations of your house rise and fly towards the skies of knowing God. If you manage to do that, you can wander around the East, the west, the seas, the lands, the mountains, the hills, the earth, the skies, under someone’s guidance, guardianship, and companionship. Then, you may now leave your tongue free to talk, take off and throw away your clothes of famelessness, give up staying away from people, and get out from your hidden place underground. Because you are a cure for them. Do not mind if they are few or many, if they come to you or turn away from you, if they praise or criticize you. Do not mind at all! Wherever you fall, there will be someone who finds you. Because you are now with your Lord.”
In addition to Abdulqādir Jilānī who expresses these views, Eşrefoğlu Abdullah Rūmī and İsmâil Rūmī who spread Abdulqādir Jilānī’s light of wisdom and path in Asia Minor deeply influenced the knowledge, wisdom, culture, and civilization in these lands.


2012, 626 pgs.
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