Turkish Libraries in Anatolia


Hacer Sibel ÜNALAN


Anadolu’daki Türk Kütüphaneleri
(Turkish Libraries in Anatolia)
Hacer Sibel ÜNALAN


By their surviving examples, Anatolian libraries established from the period of Saljukids until the Republican period are important testimonials for the history of our culture that provide us information on their architecture, history of their development, their personnel, and administration.
Based on Köprülü Library (1661) in Istanbul, it is usually accepted that the earliest independent libraries goes back to mid-17th century. Even though there is no endowment deed or epitaph of available to us, with the anonymous library in Menemen that we study in our book, it seems possible to take this date back to the end of 15th or beginning of 16th century.
The construction of libraries in Anatolia that had slowly gained a certain architectural identity in the 16th and 17th centuries gained momentum in the 18th century and showed its real progress in the 19th century. Whereas the earliest independent example in Istanbul appeared in mid-17th century, showed certain development in the 18th century in parallel to the cultural structure of the period, and finally flourished in the 19th century. This book is in a way a documentary work that examines Anatolian libraries from all aspects.

2011, 538 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-5586-80-5
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