Existence and Uluhiyya in the Thought of Nasîrüddin Tûsî




Nasîrüddin Tûsî’ de Varlık ve Ulûhiyyet
(Existence and Uluhiyya in the Thought of Nasîrüddin Tûsî)


This book examines the existence and divinity in the thought of Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Tūsī who is one of the prominent philosophers and theologians of the 13th century. In this respect, the book deals with various issues based on al-Tūsī’s Arabic and Persian books, such as existence, nature, the separation between existence and nature, the fields of existence, inexistence, theory of states,  recognitions of reason as an attribution, classification of possible existence, proving God’s existence, God’s attributes and actions. The book presents that al-Tūsī’s views on existence and divinity in general manifest similarities with Avicenna’s views and that he diverges on certain points from traditional thinking.
There is also detailed information on al-Tūsī’s life and intellectual biography in the introduction of the book.

2011, 255 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-5586-77-5
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