The History of Samarkand from the Conquest till the Collapse of Samanids




Fethinden Sâmânîler’in Yıkılışına Kadar SEMERKANT TARİHİ
(The History of Samarkand from the Conquest till the Collapse of Samanids)
Since the day it was founded, Samarkand became an important city tried to be captured by the great rulers due to its geographic and strategic location. Samarkand and Transoxiana region where Samarkand is located which was the crossroads of important trade routes and meeting point of various religions, languages, cultures and civilizations became the most important geography that brought the Turkish people together and influenced Turkish history.
Samarkand played an important role in Turks’ getting to know Islam and Muslims closely for almost a century, accepting Islam as a universal religion, and as a result converting to Islam en masse after the Battle of Talas.
Samarkand became the place where Muslim scholarly authorities such as al-Dārimī, Abū al-Lays al-Samarqandī, and Imam al-Maturīdī were raised. It hosted the great Muslim scholars in social sciences, literature, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences. It also became a center of attraction for many scholar from around the Muslim world.

2018, 610 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-81261-5-2
Ankara: İSAM Publications         

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