FAHREDDİN er-RÂZÎ MEKTEBİ (The School of Fakhraddin al-Razi in Usûl al-Fiqh)

Tuncay Başoğlu 

This study analyzes the School of Fakhraddin ar-Razi in the field of usûl al-fiqh and its views. This school had a major influence on the development of usûl literature in the late classic period of the Islamic civilization. The discourse and writing of the usûl of the period emerged as part of the developments that transformed the scientific mindset via Razi, his contemporaries and followers. The members of this school attached a special value to all intellectual sciences, primarily kalam and logic as a way of intellectual endeavor; they regarded usûl al-fiqh as a supreme science that combines intellectual and transmitted sciences, rebuilding it by using the language of metaphysics-logic and the tahqîq method.
The novelty introduced by the school in the writing of usûl al-fiqh had an impact that exceeded the limits of usûl al-fiqh. The basic approach Razi followed while re-building that science in his work,
al-Mahsul, which deeply aff ected the subsequent usûl writing, is to study the fiqh masâil with their all possible parts and probabilities, and document them based on tahqîq.
This study introduces Razi’s views on usûl, the literature that formed around al-Mahsul and seven jurisprudents from the Razi’s school, and describes the characteristics of the school’s views on usul and usul writing style.










Istanbul - Ankara / ISAM Publications & TDV Publications, 2011; (Reviced 3rd Edition) 2022

ISBN / Pages.: 978-625-428-075-7 / 272 p.

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**This edition of the work is published among the Late Classical Period Project outputs. 




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