History of Ottoman Administration and Economy



Osmanlı İdare ve Ekonomi Tarihi
(History of Ottoman Administration and Economy)
Halil İnalcık


Halil Inalcık, one of the prominent Turkish historians, made unique contributions by his studies on every aspect of Ottoman history in his 70-year long academic life. He left remarkable works on very diverse fields such as political history, history of institutions, and history of economics and law.

This book is a compilation of the articles of Halil Inalcık related to history of Ottoman administration and economy published in DIA Encyclopaedia of Islam. The book, which consists of three main sections as State, provincial administration, finance and economy,  examines the general structure of Ottoman customary law Devlet, imperial edicts issued by Ottoman sultans to establish justice, and Ottoman administrative, financial, and economic structure.

The compiled articles of Halil Inalcık is an indispensable source to illuminate the Ottoman institutional structure in these days when the interest in researches on Ottoman history has been risen especially among the young people.

2018, 216 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-900-0
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