Nasīr al-dīn Tūsī’s Moral Philosophy




Nasîrüddîn Tûsî'nin Ahlâk Felsefesi
(Nasīr al-dīn Tūsī’s Moral Philosophy)

Anar Gafarov


This book examines Nasīr al-dīn Tūsī’s Moral Philosophy in the light of his books written on the subject. The main problems examined in this book are several issues such as where ethics stands in Tūsī’s classification of sciences, what kind of relationship exists between philosophy and ethics, the significance of the theory of self in moral philosophy, the possibility of change in morality, what kind of method to be followed in moral education and discipline, and the role of religion in this regard, the significance of family and society in moral development of man.    
       Moreover, the question of how much Tūsī was influenced from the moral thought of his time, whether he had an original contribution Islamic moral thinking, and whether he influenced the moral thought after him are other issues discussed in the book.

2011, 316 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-5586-64-5
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